GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 2.00 (No Verification, Unlimited Money)

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Name GTA 5
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Size 2.63G
Version 2.00
Requires Android
MOD Features No Verification, Unlimited Money
release date 17 Sep 2013
Updated october 29, 2022

Download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK (No Verification, Unlimited Money) Download for Android latest version. And start to play the original GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5 game without verification for Android devices.

About GTA V Online

Grand Theft Auto or GTA game is a top rated action adventure game, this game has more than millions of downloads on the play store. The game is set through a fictional city, Lost Santos.

The users of this game are all over the world. If we honour then this is a well-known game in the gaming industry, who knows about gaming, he will definitely know about this game.

You are a gangster who runs the underworld. You will be given many missions in this game, by completing which you can reach an upper level of the game.

When you complete missions in Kiss you’ve brought in cash to host parties and more,

This is an offline game. When you start playing this game, you get to know about a lot of new things in this game because this game is very deep in itself.

You can use snipers, assault rifles and many more killers to kill a lot of people roaming on the streets and if you run out of bullets in the gun, you can also crush them with the car.

Create gangsters in the city by gathering your gangster group and rob banks and many more,

Impress many gangsters with your work and make them allies.

So download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK + OBB Data file from this page. You will get unlimited money by downloading GTA 5 Mod APK from here. Using which you can upgrade your character.


In this game play the vital role of a gangster in Los Santos.

Get lots of information from all the members in the underworld to read on your allies ball.

In this, you are given a mission in which you have to take your car to another place. The girl has to be brought to her house by making her sit, this game becomes very interesting when you hang out with the girls.

You can also drive super cars like Audi Mercedes BMW Range Rover while doing missions in GTA Vice City.

When you complete missions, you’ll get unlimited money and gems for driving cars and killing people, saving people and fighting enemies.

When you reach the end, you have to talk to a lot of people to help yourself. You are a gangster in the underworld in this game

Vast Map

The game starts in the city of Los Santos Centos. But there are lots of buildings, rivers and lots of nice roads and beautiful gardens so the GTA 5 game has a huge map.

This game also includes very good parking, airport, school mall etc. And there are also seas that you can explore.

So you go through this map completely and find the places where gangsters meet.

The map of this game is huge. In this you can take a car and roam the whole map. When you crush someone with a car, the police are behind you. To run away from the police, you have to find some road which even the police do not know.

1000+ Missions to Do!

More than 1000 missions are available in GTA 5.

When you complete missions, you get unlimited point money. With the help of life you can upgrade your man’s character and also change all the car skins available in the game.

With which you can impress girls in the game. If you have a lot of points then you can buy these girls too.

After completing each mission, you get a reward as a gift.

Plenty of Characters + Customization

You will see a lot of groups of different gangs.

You can customise yourself to look different from the crowd and to look unique.

Three main characters of the gameplay are:

  • Michael De Santa: Former bank robber living in Los Santos.
  • Franklin Clinton: Former Military pilot and a bank robber.
  • Trevor Philips: Friends with both the above guys.

Supercars & Radio Stations

In this game you will see many luxury supercars like audi, bmw, lamborgini and porsche and many more.and you can unlock more while doing missions.

You can Listen to artists such as A$AP Rocky, Pam Grier & more from the radio station.

Play Mini Games & Invite Friends

You can play tennis, parachute to overview the city, golf and basketball and many more things to do.

Connect facebook friends to play games with them and enjoy more exponentially with them.

Download GTA 5 Mod Apk (No Verification, Unlimited Money)

Credits: Rockstar Games (Publisher & Owner)

Visit to download mod games & apps for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get GTA 5 for Free? 

First of all download the GTA V MOD APK from this page for unlimited money, free for android version only for free.

How to Unlock All Mission & Maps in GTA V?

Play it, you will see everything unlocked before as it is GTA V MOD APK.

How to Access the MOD Menu? 

Scroll up to down when you open the game, and a mod menu with a list of available mods appears there. Click on any mod, and it will be activated.

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